Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 15 of Whole30

I feel pretty accomplished being on day 15, even though I had a setback yesterday. We get fed at work and there were few options. One of the safe options was lamb, but I was wondering why I felt crappy after eating it. Sore throat and headache mostly. Well, it was cooked in beer. :/

I'm opting to not start over, with the biggest reason being that I have been gluten free for a while. I hope that's a good enough reason. 

Other than that, the second week of whole30 was a lot easier than the first. I even went to a Mexican restaurant! Pollo asada a la carte with guacamole, peppers and pico de gallo! I didn't eat any chips and drank water while everyone else drank margaritas. Go me!

I feel great and my husband thinks I'm skinnier. I don't feel it yet, but I can take a compliment. Ha! 

I'm looking forward to reintroduction, just to see how I react. Other than sprouted legumes, there isn't a lot I can't live without. Obviously I can if I have a reaction. And I know it's a bit early to talk about reintro, but they say there is no need to introduce a food you don't miss. Here are the things I will be reintroducing:

Dairy (butter and cheese mainly, will reintro other dairy separately if I decide to)
Sprouted legumes
Wine (not technically a reintro food, but I want to see if I have any reaction and will introduce white and red wine separately.)

I honestly can't think if anything else!

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