Tuesday, March 11, 2014

February Grocery Budget

Split peas $3.98
Eco friendly dishwasing detergent $5.49
Pepper jack $6.79
Pork hocks $3.81
Bananas $1.48

Smart and Final
JalapeƱos $1.69
BBQ charcoal $9.99
Tangerines $4.99
Yellow onions $1.99
Coconut milk $3.18
Coconut cream $3.58
Chick peas $1.35
Red wine vinegar $3.38
Dog treats $8.97
Lemons $2.37
Garlic $1.39
Limes $0.78
Romaine hearts $2.79

Organic ketchup $1.81
Pepper jack $3.99
Sweet potatoes $2.18
Asparagus $2.07
Tomatoes $2.40
Mushrooms $6.45

Diced tomatoes $1.42
White rice $1.12
Dark chocolate chips $2.18
Organic potato and quinoa soup FREE!
Brown rice pasta $3.99
2 packages Aidell's Artichoke and chicken sausage $9.98
Bananas $2.46
3 Organic Avocados $3.75
4 Packages mushrooms $5.16
Fresh pressed apple cider $4.04
Ranch dressing $2.14
Apple pie moonshine $17.99

Pepper jack $6.99
2 packages deli turkey $7.98
Bananas $1.90
Green cabbage $1.09
Carrots $2.15
Organic celery $2.29

Amish Farm Delivery
5 lbs blue potatoes $5
1 pint fermented banana pickles $3.75
1 pt sour cream $7
6 dozen fertile soy-free eggs $36
3 pastured chickens (16.82 lbs) $100.08
1/2 lb cultured salted butter $8.50
3.01 lbs maple breakfast Links $22.58
2.13 lbs hot Italian pork sausage $14.91
Shipping $39.56
Total $237.38


Of the stuff I was able to track. I'm getting really annoyed because my husband refuses to save me a receipt whenever he shops. I am hopeful that we really did stay under $500 last month, so I am going to go on as if I did. And try to put the fear of God into my husband this month.

I did better this month because:

1. I had two Amish farm orders in January which helped take us through most of February
2. I did a really good job of estimating my Amish order - not so easy when a chicken can be anywhere from 4 pounds to over 6 pounds and sausage can be anywhere from under a pound a package to a pound and a half!

Hopefully March will be even better. You see, I think I am going to try Whole30 for a month and see how it goes. I'm tired of the weight creeping back up, and I think it's because I added some grains back in. I might not get a total allergic reaction to rice, but I think my body might be reacting in other ways. I have also have noticed my coffee needs a lot more sweetener than I think is normal. Obviously I'm just not really tasting it any more. Anyway, that means no more alcohol (calorie AND money punch!) and no more really expensive brown rice pasta just because I miss pasta.

As you can imagine, since this is the 11th of March, I am already on Whole30. I promise to Blog about it!

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