Monday, April 7, 2014

Final March Groceries and Dinners Results

Health Food Store 3/19
0.29 lbs pumpkin seeds $1.70
0.28 lbs dates $2.10
0.98 lbs organic walnuts $8.22
1.07 lbs organic almonds $12.37
Total $24.39

Vons 3/19
Seltzer water $0.89
Aluminum foil $2.50
Grapes $6.19
Limes $0.50
Cauliflower $2.55
Fuji apples $1.95
4 Avocados $5.00
Plantains $2.61
Pineapple $2.99
Spaghetti squash $5.26
Total $30.76

Costco 3/21
Toilet paper $14.99
Paper towels $14.99
Freezer bags $11.99
White vinegar $3.09
Cascade (the environmental stuff was killing me) $9.39
Huge package of tri-tips (because my husband had to have them) $57.87
Total: $134.02 (but we had a $31.55 credit)

Trader Joes 3/21
Hazelnuts $6.99
Balsamic vinegar $3.49
Olive oil $7.99
Meyer lemons $1.99
3 bags raw cashews $20.97
Avocados $3.49
Roasted salted cashews $13.98
Bag of oranges $3.49
Bag of grapefruit $3.99
Heirloom tomatoes $2.99
4 artichokes $7.96
Total: $77.33

Total for the month: $596.11

Letting my husband go to the city to shop was probably a mistake, but we needed to make a Costco run, and of course we stock up at Trader Joes whenever we can. I am starting to wonder if I need to increase our food budget, but I'll keep on trying to hit $500 a bit longer.

Anyway, here is what we ate:

Wednesday 3/19: Carnitas salads
Thursday 3/20: Book club night! Leftovers and I took fruit salad to share
Friday 3/21: Leftovers
Saturday 3/22: BBQ pork with cole slaw
Sunday 3/23: Tri tip, artichokes and tomato salad
Monday 3/24: Beef Thai coconut curry with cauliflower rice
Tuesday 3/25: Hot Italian sausage with peppers and tomatoes
Wednesday 3/26: Slow roasted chicken with roasted carrots
Thursday 3/27: Meatballs and spaghetti squash and eggplant
Friday 3/28: Chicken soup
Saturday 3/29: Leftovers
Sunday 3/30: Steak, salad and artichokes
Monday 3/31: Asian beef lettuce wraps

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  1. Unfortunately if you want to eat healthy, sometimes you have to spend... Try thinking of it as in investment in your future health?


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