Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 3 - March 11 Groceries and Dinners

This month I'm doing it differently. I'm going to try and track my budget every week, as well as share what we ate for dinner. Breakfast is almost always eggs and maybe a little sausage and some veggies. Lunches for me are leftovers and the hubby eats leftovers or sandwiches made with cheese and turkey or salami. Dinner is the big wild card and where most of our budget goes into planning!

Mexican Market 3/1
Chile spiced Carrots
$20.00 (we get the "Mexican discount" for going in there all the time, but unfortunately no receipts)

Vons 3/5
C&H Pure Cane Sugar (for water kefir) $1.99
2 cans diced tomatoes $1.44
Santa Cruz organic limeade (originally for water kefir, but husband drank it within 12 hours, ugh!) $1.63
Best foods mayo (required by said husband) $3.99
Paper towels $2.99
Pepper jack cheese (for husband) $7.99
15 Grain Bread $1.99
Salami $5.78
Deli turkey $10.38
Bananas $3.84
Asparagus $2.16
Eggplant $2.29
Red onions $1.73
Roma tomatoes $2.32
2 Grapefruit $1.00
Brussels Sprouts $1.36
Red Cabbage $1.77
Tomatoes on the vine $3.58
Organic orange bell pepper $2.00
Organic green bell pepper $1.79
2 organic avocados $2.50
Organic red kale $1.99
4 packages mushrooms $5.16
Ranch dressing $2.39
2 packages Organic baby carrots $4.00
3 pounds organic yellow onions

Mexican market 3/10
Oaxaca cheese
6 avocados

Total for March 1 - March 11: $111.43

And here is what we made for dinner every night:

Monday 3/3: Roasted chicken with tomatoes, purple potatoes and carrots

Tuesday 3/4: Grass fed beef taco salads

Wednesday 3/5: London broil with grilled sweet potato wedges and roasted asparagus

Thursday 3/6: Duck confit with roasted cabbage and sweet potatoes frites

Friday 3/7: Chicken sausages sauteed with tomatoes and peppers

Saturday 3/8: Lemon oregano grilled chicken and salad

Sunday 3/9: Grass fed beef burgers with lettuce wrapping

Monday 3/10: Chicken vegetable fajita soup

Tuesday 3/11: Hot Italian pork sausage with tomatoes, mushrooms, and eggplant

Anyway, I hope this format makes it a bit easier to see how I use my grocery  budget and the groceries I buy to make real food healthy dinners. I hope it will also help me see any flaws in my shopping and planning - unnecessary expenses, etc.

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  1. It sounds like you are getting the budget under control, even if its only for 2 weeks 111 is a huge improvement. I totally blew my budget the last 2 months running... gotta get better at that...


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