Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Grocery Budget and Meals 3/12 - 3/18

Here's the next batch for March!

Health Food Store 3/12
Bananas $1.39
Cashews $5.93
Ground pork $4.85
Water chestnuts $1.39
Total: $13.30

Von's 3/13
Organic eggs $4.49
Bananas $1.79
Santa Cruz organic limeade (really for water kefir this time!) $3.46
Cremini mushrooms $2.03
Muir Glen organic tomatoes (have a rebate!) $2.59
Canned tomatoes $1.78
Organic Romaine $5.00
Avocados $4.50
Sweet potatoes $2.42
Olive oil $5.00
Total: $34.06

Farm Delivery 3/14
8 dozen pastured eggs $48
2.11 pounds hot Italian pork sausage $14.77
5.3 pounds pastured chicken legs and thighs $41.34
Pint of sour cream $7.00
Shipping $27.78
Total $138.89

Vons 3/17
2 jars salsa $3.98
Hot mustard $4.99
Corned beef $4.61
Chicken breasts $5.69
Bananas $1.93
Green cabbage $1.73
Eggplant $0.75
Lemongrass $0.17
2 bunches organic kale $4.58
2 organic bell peppers $3.50
Total $31.93
Month so far: $329.61

Wednesday 3/12: Asian style pork lettuce wraps
Thursday 3/13: Grilled steak with asparagus and Brussels sprouts
Friday 3/14: Dinner out with friends
Saturday 3/15: Carne asada and mushroom taco salads
Sunday 3/16: Smoked chicken legs with salad
Monday 3/17: Corned beef and cabbage
Tuesday 3/18: Asian mushroom soup

This month I decided to pay a slightly higher shipping rate but not order as much from the farm, hoping I might be able to control my costs a bit. I also had a surplus of frozen chickens and breakfast sausage (which I can't eat on Whole30 because they have maple in them!) in the freezer so I opted to cut down on my order this month. I also found another couple of local options for chickens - not quite as healthy as they are organic but not pastured, but less expensive for sure. Next month there will be two farm deliveries so I'll have to decide how I want to handle - order less each time and pay more shipping, or skip one? I don't have enough room for 6 weeks of eggs so if I skip an order, I will have to buy organic eggs from the megamart.

I think I'm set up pretty well for the rest of the month, but I think I'm also going to try a bit of a pantry challenge, even though much of my pantry items, I can't use while I'm on whole30!

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