Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aptil Mid-Month Grocery Budget Check In

Vons 4/1
Bamboo shoots  $0.89
Water Chestnuts $0.89
2 Jars 16 oz Herdez salsa $3.30
24 oz Herdez salsa $2.50
Lite salt (for homemade sports drink) $2.99
Pepper jack cheese $7.99
Cage Free Eggs $4.39
Organic Eggs $5.19
Deli turkey $10.98
Bananas $2.49
Cauliflower $3.36
Red onion $1.92
Plantains $2.13
Baby Bok choy $2.26
Brussels sprouts $2.91
Garlic $0.58
Ginger $0.46
4 packages mushrooms $5.16
3 lbs mandarins $3.99
Organic romaine 6 heads $5.00
Organic carrots $2.29
Total: $71.67

Farm Delivery
12 Dozen Eggs (to get us through four weeks) $72
4 lbs Hot Italian pork sausage $28.21
Raw Greek yogurt $4.50
Shipping: $26.18
Total: $130.89

Vons 4/6
Diet soda (for H) $3.89
Seltzer water $1.29
Bananas $1.86
Lime $0.50
2 cucumbers $1.00
Yams $6.21
2 Avocados $3.00
Tomatoes $4.27
Spaghetti squash $3.65
Cilantro $0.34
Organic cauliflower $4.99
Strawberries $5.00
Total $39.49

Health Food Store 4/7
Whole chicken $10.76
Ground pork $4.76
Garlic $1.00
Total: $16.52

Local Bodega 4/10
2 Fulton farms chickens $38.29
Total: $38.29 

Mid Month Total: $296.86

I'm going to luck out this month too, because the next farm delivery is being pushed back a week into May. It meant I needed to beef up my order, but I'm ordering less from the farm anyway, because I've stopped drinking milk and I found a more local chicken option that's more reasonably priced and doesn't have shipping added. It is not organic, but it is antibiotic free and air chilled, and is also from the same state I live in. I will buy organic chickens when I see them in the health food store, but they didn't have any this week. :( I also had to do three fewer dinners in the first part of this month, because I had a client take us out to dinner and a charity event that I attended two nights in a row. That always helps!

Thinking ahead, I need to sign up for our CSA soon - I was considering joining a larger (and more expensive one) but I really like the guy who runs the smaller one. I guess doing this will reduce my target budget to $350-380 a month! I think the larger one has more selection (fruit, meat, eggs, etc.), but the smaller one (mostly salad greens, kale, etc. with a few other veggies mixed in) leaves another $30 a month for "other" produce purchases. I figure since you don't really have a choice of what you get in your CSA boxes, it's always nice to have a little extra cash to buy what you feel like. What do you think? What would you do?

Anyway, here are the details for dinners we made the first two weeks. I have got to get more creative with the beef roasts we have - they are so random, I'm not sure what to even do with them...

April 1 - leftover chicken soup
April 2 - lettuce wrapped beef burgers with sauteed mushrooms
April 3 - chicken legs and roasted broccoli 
April 4 - beef Thai curry with bok choy and cauliflower rice
April 5 - tri tip with baked sweet potatoes and balsamic mushrooms
April 6 - lettuce wrapped taco spiced burgers with avocado
April 7 - hot Italian pork sausage salads with strawberries and cream
April 8 - slow roasted chicken with roasted carrots 
April 9 - Pork lettuce wraps with bok choy
April 10 - dinner out with a client
April 11 - dinner out, charity event
April 12 - dinner out, charity event
April 13 - Roasted Chicken with carrots, sweet potatoes and cauliflower rice

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