Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Whole30 is done!

I owe you guys an update on my Whole30!

It was actually really easy, once I got over the lack of wine. Ha! I suppose if you want to be a stickler, I didn't finish my Whole30 because I had a unexpected opportunity to taste some super expensive champagnes. I had less than an ounce each of four champagnes, so not terrible, but not on plan. It was day 28.

I did have a couple unintentional hiccups as well. I know my whole30 was a little compromised based on the meals I eat at work on weekends. I was able to choose on plan items, but I know at least once non-plan ingredients snuck into my meat and sometimes I wondered how clarified the clarified butter was, you know? The restaurant closes on Easter Sunday so I plan on starting a new whole30 after that day.

While I felt good, I never got the "Tiger Blood" effect some talk about. They say that nuts aren't actually that healthy, and I have trouble with eating appropriate amounts, so I might cut nuts from my diet. I only lost about three pounds, and of course silly me didn't take any measurements, but I don't think I lost that much size wise since I am still wearing the same clothes and can't fit into the pants I accidentally bought in a size smaller. I know I could be much better at eating on template. I tend to eat more fat and fewer carbs than suggested.

So far, I have only reintroduced dairy and wine, obviously the two things I can't bear to give up. Haven't noticed any odd reactions from either of those things, and I have tried butter, sour cream, yogurt and hard cheese. I have also done both red and white wine LOL Very important distinctions!

Anyway, I thought it was an awesome little test and I've realized I don't need a lot of things I thought I couldn't live without. I'm not really planning on adding much in the way of items banned on Whole30, and I'm kinda looking forward to another one!


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