Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Day Late

But it was worth it. I spent the 24 hours between Monday night and Tuesday Night on a whirlwind road trip with my husband and dogs. It was exhausting. It was a lot of driving. But it was also 24 hours I wouldn't have been able to spend with my husband otherwise.

I could dwell on not getting my normal sleep, the sheer number of hours I sat in the car, that I didn't get my run in, that my steps were far less than 10,000 (my daily minimum goal) and I ate off plan (WAY off plan!) but isn't time with your loved ones worth it? I'm reminding myself this as I sit here bleary eyed.

During the drive we were able to talk, to admire the beauty around us, and just be together. He took me to his favorite lake, where he learned to water ski, and we walked around with the dogs. Being in a car together for that long tends to grate on everyone's nerves - LOL the dogs had a minor altercation, but nobody was hurt so I know it was just squabbling and not true aggression. Hubby and I waited far too long to eat lunch and we were both a grumpy mess, but we were able to minimize the lashing out at each other. I'm really proud at how patient we were with each other!

We were able to have good, uninterrupted conversations on how we are going to improve our everyday life. He already knows he spends too much time at work. I expressed how having a crazy, disorganized house makes me feel and he agreed. I also told him how I want to prioritize sleep more, since many days he comes home so late that after we have dinner and spend some time together, its usually 11pm or later. I feel good for the future.

The three things I was grateful for yesterday: Being able to read - There was some downtime while hub was doing some work stuff and I am in the middle of a long but very good Wally Lamb. Not only am I reading an amazing story, but I'm also able to pass time in a more productive way than looking at Facebook (although I did a lot of that as well haha). I'm grateful that we were able to complete our trip with no incidents, accidents or injuries. I'm grateful to see a little more of what makes the person that is my husband. :)

I did not meditate, however. Unless you count being in nature meditation? ;)

I had limited access to people yesterday, but I was nice and smiled at every person in Whole Foods. And I was nice to my husband LOL

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  1. That sounds like such a nice day, and definitely worth it.
    Wally Lamb is one of my favorite authors. I devour his books!


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