Sunday, May 11, 2014

Image Crafting

The dangers of Image Crafting

What an interesting article! I have fallen victim to this phenomenon time and time again. Most of the time, it's more me being jealous of everyone else. Everyone else has a perfect life. They have perfect husbands. They have perfect kids. They do perfect things, have perfect vacations. I find myself getting caught up in jealous thoughts, wishing that I had kids, wishing my marriage was a little better, wishing I could afford extravagant vacations and yummy dinners out.

I have to remember that nobody's life is perfect, despite what they post online. That I am lucky to have the means to travel and the biggest reason I don't go to Europe or Mexico is because I don't like to leave my dogs behind. I live in a beautiful place, and while my marriage is not perfect, it's good. I don't have the children I wished I could, but I also don't have the tantrums, headaches and minor inconveniences that go with them. Life is good if you choose to look at it the right away.

Today, I am grateful for my mother - she's my best friend and I am able to talk to her almost every day. I am grateful that I have taken control of my eating and embraced real food in order to heal my body. I am grateful for Netflix that allows me to watch all kinds of awesome documentaries (as well as How I Met Your Mother).

My random acts of kindness today are a bit of a cheat, but I know working the front lines at work today made many people's day today. Plus I make my coworker laugh. That's a random act of kindness, right? ;)

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  1. Oh yeah, making someone else laugh is a random act of kindness, because you'll never know how much that person needs that laughter. :-) Or even a friendly smile. :-)

    You're spot on when it comes to images.


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