Saturday, May 10, 2014

Letting Go

Today I got to work with some fun people - it just makes the day so much better. I'm also looking forward to a fun afternoon with friends and family, and a quiet night at home with my husband and dogs.

I also had the opportunity to watch a video session online about the role of the thyroid as it applies to conception/infertility, and at the end they spoke about stress. About how holding on to negative emotions, grudges, having resentments, etc. can affect your health. This made me so happy that I am doing this grateful, positive challenge and meditating. I've always wondered if people were turned off by the negative tone of so many of my blog posts. I feel like I needed that then - being positive just doesn't work when you've just miscarried and really don't have the option to get pregnant again. But now that I'm years beyond that experience, I feel like I'm ready. I'm even ready to let go of my hatred towards my old boss/ex-friend. I'm excited about this journey - I've let her get to me for so long, and it's time I let her go instead.

Today, I am grateful for the comfort of my life, that I don't live in a third world country, can afford to feed myself, live under a roof and have the means to make life more comfortable and enjoyable. I am grateful for good friends, the ones that I have been able to hug in person as well as the ones I have yet to meet face to face, for their support is what has gotten me through the last 5.5 years. I am grateful thst I was able to try three rounds of IVF, so that I could end my quest for biological children knowing that I did everything possible and have no regrets or what if's floating around in my brain.

Today my random act of kindness will be to donate to a friend who is doing a walk to support women's cancers.

See you tomorrow loves xoxo


  1. Being positive all the time is over rated. I always appreciated you keeping it real.

  2. Agree with erin. I also love real people who share their struggles, though one doesn't need to air everything out, because I love learning from other people's journeys as well. Here's to being grateful and letting go!

  3. I love you guys! No worries, I will still keep it real, but hopefully will be more able to let it go right after I vent ;) <3


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