Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Grocery Budget Results

Vons 5/18
Lea and Perrins $4.19
Coors Light $6.09
Total $10.86

Vons 5/19
2 dozen Happy Eggs $8.98
Ammonia $2.49
Chicken Thighs $17.61
Organic chicken thighs $11.41
Bananas $1.76
Bok Choy $1.79
Ginger $0.32
Serrano peppers $0.25
Cilantro $0.34
8 lb bag oranges $7.99
Mushrooms $7.96
Organic Romaine $5.00
Organic baby spinach $3.89
Kombucha $2.55
Total: 72.58

Vons 5/20
Ground pasilla pepper $2.38
Ground New Mexico Chili $1.19
Chile de arbol $1.09
Total: $4.66

Trader Joe's 5/25
Bag of organic red onions  $3.49
Mango smoothie juice $3.04
4 large artichokes $3.96
Peachy Canyon red wine $8.99
Bag of lemons $1.49
2 bags roasted cashews $14.98
Bag of avocados $3.49
Bag of limes $2.49
Turkey Sandwich $3.99
Bag of oranges $4.49
Bananas $2.09
Bag of grapefruit $3.99
Bag of sweet potatoes $3.99
Bag fee (because my husband didn't bring a reusable bag) $0.10
Total: $60.30

Month total: $496.25

First of all, I'm wondering if I forgot to include a receipt since I actually hit our budget. Second, Seriously, the husband needs to stop grocery shopping, and/or demanding stupid frivolous things. Of course, I've been hitting the kombucha pretty hard too...

Sunday May 18: Filet and Artichokes
Monday May 19: Chicken breasts with sweet potatoes and salad
Tuesday May 20: Asian chicken soup with bok choy
Wednesday May 21: Chicken curry with rice and spinach
Thursday May 22: Pollo asada (book club night)
Friday May 23: Leftovers
Saturday May 24: Leftovers
Sunday May 25: Leftovers
Monday May 26: Burgers with sauteed mushrooms, and caramelized onions 
Tuesday May 27: Tri tip and artichokes
Wednesday May 28: Grass fed beef taco salads
Thursday May 29: Hot Italian pork sausage with salad and artichokes 
Friday May 30: ground beef taco salads
Saturday May 31: tri tip with artichokes

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