Saturday, May 3, 2014

More CSA Decisions

So I signed up for the less expensive CSA with mostly leafy greens. Now that I've done that, a friend wants to split it with me. It might seem like a lot, but we eat a lot of vegetables, especially with me eating Whole30ish most of the time now. She wants to split it because this purveyor stopped selling at the farmers market because he does all CSA and sells to local restaurants, and she misses buying his greens.

If I don't split it with her, I think I could get away with just the CSA box without much additional purchasing. If I split it with her, I know I won't have enough vegetables from the CSA and will definitely have to buy additional. So my options are to A. Not split it with her, B. Split it with her and supplement with farmers market and grocery store or C. Split it with her and join the other CSA as well.

Money-wise, it breaks down like this:

A. Don't split it - This will be $30 a week spent on produce, which leaves $350-$380 a month ($70-$95 a week) for other grocery items. I know this seems like a lot. Writing this out makes me wonder where it all goes!

B. Split it - This reduces my CSA spend to $15 a week (assuming we split it equally), which gives me $425 - $440 a month ($85-$110 a week) to spend on other items, including produce from the farmers market.

C. Split it and join the other CSA. This is probably the most expensive and risky option. The other CSA is $37.50 a week, which would take my weekly produce spend to $52.50 a week, probably higher than it needs to be. If I did this, leaving me from $237.50 - $290 for other groceries. I guess I should look at it like this too: that's only $47.50 - $72.50 a week for other things. Considering I spend approximately $20 a week in eggs alone, plus another $20 per week on whole chickens, that's probably not feasible.

Ok, now that I've put it all down on paper, I guess I am leaning towards option B. I help my friend (my random act of kindness for today) and I also give myself some flexibility on what else I can purchase.

If you were in my position, what would you do?


  1. I'd probably do option B as well, if I really liked my friend... plus then you can have more flexibility and buy things not provided by the CSA. That's my biggest reason for not joining one, lack of control over what you get from week to week.

    1. I agree, and I also don't think I need the second box. I guess if it doesn't go as well, I can always try the other CSA next summer :)


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