Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Today my husband asked me if I wanted to do a day trip to Lake Tahoe. I'm off tomorrow so I said yes. :)

I've been watching a bunch of documentaries on Netflix. The problem with that is I get very discouraged with the state of our country. In the last couple of weeks, I've watched documentaries about how an unrealistic ideal of beauty and/or weight has been crammed down our children's throats, how corporations are buying judges, how our government helps companies like Monsanto, shuts down small farms and refuses to ban harmful ingredients in cosmetics, and what a sham the pink ribbon campaigns are.

But I can't let this bring me down. I have to find the positive. At least people are making these documentaries. At least they are available on Netflix. I know the word is getting out, because I knew most of what I saw before I saw it. Knowing what I know helps me educate others, and maybe, eventually, this will change. Regardless, if I am educated, and can make decisions for myself. For example, I threw away about 75% of my makeup today. The only things I kept were things I couldn't find on my Skin Deep app and seemed fairly innocuous. I'm going to move towards making as much as I can to avoid as many toxins as possible.

Today, I am grateful for a good trail run through the forest. I am grateful my friend Laura is stable and still on the transplant list. I am grateful that we didn't hit a deer on our way up to Tahoe.

My random act of kindness... I know I must have done something, but I can't think of what.

I did complete an 8 minute meditation with a mb aromatherapy bath soak.

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  1. I feel that way sometimes, after watching or reading too many negative things.
    There is so much positive and beauty around us too. I am loving these posts you are doing, they help put all of that in perspective.


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