Tuesday, December 23, 2014

January. Rife With Possibility.

I believe I've already mentioned my current obsession with brown butter. I am blaming brown butter on everything that is wrong with the world. Namely, why none of my clothes fit.

As usual, my continually expanding waistline will be cut off from sugar, brown butter and all that is delicious right after Christmas, and then I would like to start a Whole30 on January 2. You know, right after a NYE of drinking followed by a New Year's Day of mimosas.

That's the thing about weight loss New Year's resolutions - so much debauchery has occurred in the preceeding 6 weeks, that you're practically sick of eating all this crap. I know my heartburn has come back with a vengance. Sugar and wine. Fuck. Two of my favorite things. I just have to get through the next few days and then I can eat like a human again. I'm sure you're wondering why I can't eat normal now? BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS! And I have no will power.

Oh yeah, and I'll be joining a gym. Mostly because running in the snow sucks. But also because I'm so out of shape - tight, inflexible, weak, flabby. But once again, I have been waiting until after Christmas, because I can't see paying for 4 days of the gym when I won't be in town. Ridiculous? Yes. But that's how my mind works.

I do have visions of me looking hot. What's sad though is I haven't looked hot in 10 years. Even after losing all the weight with Weight Watchers, followed by losing weight with My Fitness Pal, followed by losing weight with Dietbet, and finally with Paleo/Grain Free.

Maybe I should settle for fitting into my pants without a muffin top the size of California.


  1. Sweetie you look great to me. Yeah okay I agree that over indulging during the holidays is enough to make even me look for a gym membership but you've got to start loving yourself a little bit too. BTW, what is brown butter? Of course I'll google it too but is it that delicious and why haven't I heard of it yet?

    1. I know I do. I'm trying to figure out how when looking in the mirror is so shocking :( thank you, I refuse to take photos right now. I've easily gained 15 pounds since June. Brown butter is butter that's been cooked until the water bubbles out and it starts to cook into a brown, nutty, delicious bit of fat. It's pretty amazing.


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