Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Words to the Wise

Hub and I were figuring out our Christmas Card. He wanted to get cards with some funny vintage photo on it, but I had already purchased a Groupon for photo cards. We had no good photos of us. We had procrastinated far too long.

But then I had a brilliant idea! What about photos of us as children on Santa's lap? I always cried in mine, and apparently my husband always inherently knew that the scary fat man was the key to Christmas winning, so he always smiled like a fucking angel. I found a card that said "Naughty or Nice" and the idea was born into fruition.

Now these photos are faded and dated. I didn't think anyone would misunderstand who these kids were. But instead, I have received multiple questions. "Who are those kids?" "They can't be your kids, they must be your friends kids." "Did you adopt those kids?" FML.

What I wouldn't give to get little clones of me and my husband just like those kids on my Christmas card. I know he was a pain in the ass to parent, and I wasn't a piece of cake either, but I'd take it. Or how incredibly impossible would it be to adopt two small children that looked so much like us?

Seeing family for Christmas will be hard, with all those kids running around. I can only hope that the people I don't like won't be there, because it's hard enough being around those whose company I enjoy.

Anyway, moral of the story: Don't put photos of any kids (even you) on your cards if you don't want the Spanish Inquisition.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hah! I buy store cards and avoid all that crap. Yeah okay so I fell into the "you've got the one freebie" card but that one I did for my mom of the grandkid. For a first Christmas with a new baby it sure isn't what I had hoped....but I'll go into that on my blog soon enough when I'm back home and post photos.

  2. Oh boy, I'm so sorry that it backfired and it made you get asked those questions. Ugh ugh and a big UGH. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oy. (Or maybe add labels with your names & the years the photos were taken, just to make it clear??) Sorry you got the wrong response. Personally, I think it sounds like a cute idea. My childless boss used to send photo cards of her two cats in various Christmas settings... once with Santa hats, once in stockings hanging on the clothes line. It took multiple attempts to get one good shot (& this was in pre-digital days...!), but the results were priceless.


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