Saturday, June 6, 2015

Childless/Childfree: Finding Friends who Understand

I'm currently looking at ways I can use technology to streamline my life and squeeze everything I want to do into the 24 hours a day I actually have.

One of those things is to blog more, another is to plan meals. I am beginning to delve into Evernote, which I never realized could be so helpful in so many ways.

That being said, I was looking at my blog, realizing that while I may have changed the color or the template, I haven't changed the guts of the blog itself in years and years. Specifically, I had a couple very outdated blog rolls. Therefore, I have streamlined and tried to limit my blog roll to those who are at the moment, childless. I am still following all of my lovely friends who don't fall into this category, just not listing them here. Some are not pursuing a child free life, but most have made the decision to go that direction. If you are a childfree (not by choice) blogger who would like to be added, please let me know! If you are on my blogroll, and have had a wonderful miracle, please let me know that as well. One of the hardest things for me when making this decision was finding others who were in the same boat, and I want to make that easier for a person embarking on this journey, feeling alone.

You are not alone.

It is a wonderful life.

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  1. I did this a while ago. I had some blogs, that I still read regularly, that didn't fit on my blog roll, and updated the list. It's quite fun spring cleaning the blog though. Feels very satisfying!


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