Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gwynnie Bee Trial and Review

So one day, I was perusing Facebook and saw an ad for Gwynnie Bee, Plus Sized Clothing Rental. My first thought was "I'm not plus sized!" and then I realized I, in fact, am plus sized. And I actually have a need for nicer clothing but only once in a while. I work in a fairly casual environment, but once or twice a year, I attend an industry event which I need to dress up for (yes, business casual is dressing up for me). I absolutely hate buying clothes because 1. I have no fashion sense really 2. I have nowhere local to really go and shop and 3. I've not been at a weight I consider acceptable in at least two years. I have one of those conferences coming up and they offered a 30 day trial. I thought "This could work!"

About three weeks in advance of my conference, I went online to sign up and start picking clothes out. I wanted to make sure I had a chance to exchange items that I didn't like or wouldn't look good on me, didn't fit, etc. First thing I noticed - I really thought there would be more of a profile option, such as "put in your measurements and we'll tell you which size is best" kind of like Stitch Fix. Um, no. Nothing like that. It doesn't even keep your preferences in place, like only show me clothes that are available in size 14. Nope. So many times I would be looking at something, and then realize the smallest size they have is a 20. So you end up clicking around until you actually find something you might like and are lucky that they have a size chart AND carry the size you think you need. Yes, at least one of the labels didn't even have a size chart. The whole process was time consuming and tedious and felt like shopping except I didn't even have the ability to try anything on yet.

The next hurdle is that you have to add at least 25 items to your "closet" before they will even cue up your shipment. You can "prioritize" items, but that doesn't mean you have any control over what they send you. AND I had a pretty hard time picking 25 items. So many were nowhere near "my style." That could have been helpful because I don't really have "fashion" sense once you get past the classics, so it made me step outside of my comfort zone, but again, you have no choice what you get. If you have an event coming up that you need a certain type of outfit for, good luck. If there is something that you REALLY want to try, chances are you won't be able to.

A sample of my closet.
So, I added 25 items to my closet but it took them at least another 3 days to ship me anything, and then you have to give it 2-4 days for the postal service to deliver. This does not work for me, even when you can go online to let them know what you're sending back. I signed up on a Saturday, they shipped on Tuesday, and then because the following weekend was a holiday weekend, I didn't receive my shipment until the following Tuesday. That's NINE DAYS without my first shipment.

First thing Tuesday morning, I went to the post office to pick up my package so I could try everything on.and make an exchange if I needed to. Two out of the three dresses they decided to send were very, very similar. I understand that they aren't looking at my whole wish list and choosing different items to give you variety, but that was annoying. I mean, what are the chances? I liked them both, but liked one more than the other and would have liked to exchange it for something different. The third was too small despite ordering by the size chart. Now, If I had read all the reviews for that particular garment, I would have known to order a size or two larger, but when you're struggling to add enough clothes to your closet just to get them to ship anything to you, you might not have time to read everything. I know I sure didn't. So I notified them that morning of my return (supposedly so they could begin preparing my next shipment) AND got the package back to the post office the same day (Tuesday) for the morning pick up. I was nervous to send back the other dress because again, I have no idea if what they are sending to me will be appropriate for my conference. I hoped they would let me know what next item they are sending so I could decide if I wanted to try sending that dress back. Well, did not get that notification until today. Once I added the days in my head, even if I notified them today, I guarantee they won't ship until Monday, and then the next garment wouldn't arrive until after I leave for my conference. So I'm stuck with two dresses that are at least fraternal twin looking. Hopefully nobody looks at me and thinks I wore the same outfit two days in a row.

What I'll get to wear
I'm pretty disappointed with the whole experience. I joined on the 20th of May and my trial expires on June 19, but I didn't get a single garment until the last day of May. I don't have the option to wear anything and have still have something I could use for a specific event, which is the only reason I would continue my membership. Even if I wore clothes like this daily, using this service instead of purchasing clothes, it leaves you without new something to wear for days on end. I thought the whole point of renting clothes was so you could have the fun of new things to wear without actually having to own clothes. Not so much, unless you want to spring for the higher level and get a LOT of garments at once. Heck, three garments at a time is $100! And AT MOST, you're getting three garments a week, which is half the days you likely need to be dressed. However, reading a few more reviews, there was more than one person who mentioned trying something on and then sending it right back without wearing it. So that essentially reduces the number of garments you can actually wear, since it still takes 6 days to exchange things.

As much as I wanted this to work, it just isn't going to. I won't be continuing my membership.

Ok, now that I've given you my honest opinion, if you would like to try it, you can get 30 days free by using this link. That being said, since I'm not going to continue with them, I'm not going to get any benefit for using this link so don't feel obligated in the slightest.

Maybe if you live in a less remote area with USPS service more often than I get, it might work for you. Have you tried Gwynnie Bee or another rental service and had better luck?

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  1. I don't think we have clothing rental here - probably our population is too small. It's an interesting idea though. Sorry it didn't work so well for you.


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