Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Feels

Holy hell. I found myself an emotional wreck yesterday.

It likely started with me leaving my boys behind to go on a trip, and the fact that my period is due in the next couple of days.

Add to it that I didn't change (didn't even think to change!) my political party affiliation on my voter registration so when I voted, I didn't get to vote for the person I wanted to. I really felt like I let myself down there. I also remember a time when it didn't matter any longer, everyone got to vote for anyone. And I just now realized I could have written the person in. Isn't it strange how being upset about something causes your problem solving abilities to go right out the window?

So after all of this, I was going over my flight details with the hubs, and noticed that I was never assigned a seat on the longest leg (red eye!) of my flight.The flight I booked THREE MONTHS ago. Of course I tried to grab a seat online, and all that was left was middles. I called, and while very apologetic, there is nothing they can do for me until I'm at the airport. I'm pissed at the airline (I answered all those seat preference questions and I said "window, window, window," but I'm more pissed at myself because I missed such a key detail in travel plans. I have my fingers crossed that something window will open up because I plan to pop some sleeping pills and pass out for the duration. With any luck I'll be asleep before we even take off, and if I'm in some middle seat and the window person wakes me up because they have to pee, I may FLIP OUT.

Of course, I don't really consider how I'm feeling until I was watching bad reality TV, drinking wine and icing my knee, and all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with sobs. Fortunately, my only witness was one of the dogs.

All the feels. UGH.


  1. So freaking annoying about the flight! I do stupid shit like this all the time.

    If it means anything, I had an irrational emotional meltdown in the grocery store parking lot last week because I forgot my reusable bags. PMS fueled by buying a new house/moving and a 10 day late period.

  2. Hugs on the emotional moments. I've felt a bit like that lately.

    If it makes you feel any better, once I got to the airport and discovered I'd booked the flight for the same day a year in the future! Cost me a fortune. Now I'm extra vigilant!

  3. Hi I'm new to the blogging community I found your blog on stirup queens blog roll under living childfree, it seems like a lot of the blogs listed have been abandoned! I'm just starting to share my journey through infertility, I've been extra emotional myself the past few weeks probably due to a multitude of factors but I really feel like writing has been helpful! You can check out my story over at


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