Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 Goals

I did not do a resolutions post in January. In fact, I was sorely missing from this blog for several months right around that time. No bother, resolutions are fickle anyway. But, I have more than 4 months to accomplish things this year, and I am pretty determined to.

Weight Loss
Still going, not as fast as I would like, but I'll take what I can get. I am hoping that some of the slowness is due to gaining some muscle mass as I lose fat. I guess we'll see. Right now I'm in the upper 180's. I was hoping to be in the 160's before Thanksgiving. We'll see. Losing weight while prioritizing weight training is a new one for me so I'm not really sure where I will end up weight wise, I just know how I want to look. I'm also not depriving myself at all. There used to be a time when I would starve myself every weekday and then go hog wild on weekends, so of course my Friday morning weight would be far less than my Monday morning weight. I'm pretty consistent now, so my approach to food is definitely healthier.

I am currently running a lifting program that has me doing all basic lifts - squat, bench, bent over row, Romanian deadlift, overhead press, calf raise and assisted chin ups. My goal is to increase my strength by 25% by end of September, and then another 25% by the end of of the year. Those are fairly lofty goals, especially while eating in a deficit, but it gives me something to push for

I do miss running, but I'm not interested in any long distance stuff right now. I haven't really run much since last year's LA Marathon. I am running through the Zombies, Run! C25K program, and should finish that by end of September. After that I want to just improve my 5K time. I would like to be 5K ready and possibly enter some races, even though there really aren't races in my little po dunk town.

Still working towards paying off debt. Hoping hub's business gets off the ground soon.

I need to spend more time with home organization. The chaos is driving me nuts. I think I need to implement a daily to do list to try and get it under control without burning out.

We have definitely fallen into a rut, and I'm not the nicest wife these days due to stress caused by his business not yet making any money. I'm going to make a concerted effort to be nicer.

Whew, that's enough goals for now.


  1. Those are great goals. The fact you're working towards them is an accomplishment in itself.


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