Saturday, August 20, 2016

What Is Our World Coming To?

Seriously, to exist in this world, especially as a woman, is to have a thick skin. It doesn't help when you have a presidential candidate who is all about being mean - making fun of the disabled, saying horribly racist things, and basing his entire personality on being the most misogynistic person I have ever seen. The most shocking (and scary) thing about Trump running for President is the sheer masses of people who support him. That hit home for me, as I live in a blue state and are mostly surrounded by people I thought were reasonable and certainly not racist so I was under the (wrong) perception that our country had progressed a lot more than it apparently has.

Now I know this country is far more racist and sexist than I ever could imagine. I mean, I knew there were always going to be a few crazies out there, and I knew that the Religious Right want to take away my reproductive rights in the name of Jesus, but the sheer hatred I see now daily - on the news and social media mostly - is devastating.

Now, this is not new, I have been feeling like this for a while. But what brought it to top of mind this week that I felt I needed to write a blog? A silly YouTube by Meg Squats

Meg Squats is awesome. She's authentic, goofy and strong AF while still being a woman. I don't always watch her videos through to the end, because while powerlifting is cool to watch, I don't always need to watch her whole workout. I'm more interested in her candor about body image, crossfit, makeup, supplements, etc. This particular video is not her energetic self, and I didn't end up watching until the end so I don't know how the beach actually went (she was sick and it was making me feel so bad for her), but I did scroll down to the comments. Some were so disparaging, insulting and rude. It made me sad, not for her because she is a strong, tough woman that probably ran out of fucks to give a long time ago, but for society. That these people are the norm. The fucking "shamers" - no matter what you do, someone will try to shame you for it. It's fucking ridiculous. Apparently, that whole stone throwing thing went out the window with love thy neighbor and feed the poor, care for the sick, etc.

Yes, to put yourself out there on the internet, you have to have a thick skin. But you don't need to be strong or intelligent to type out rude and insulting comments on the Internet, and apparently the same goes for supporting Trump. Considering how behind we are socially, I don't know if I will live long enough to see a time when everyone is given the same opportunities despite race, sex, orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, etc.

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  1. This is like the comments of those news anchors about some of the female athletes. I despair, I truly do. I certainly don't think I will live long enough to see a time when everyone is given the same opportunities. Discrimination can be unconscious, subtle, and is so insidious, that though I like to think we're making some (slow, very slow) strides, I do wonder. For every woman that is in a senior position, there is another that suffers from the backlash.


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