Friday, September 23, 2016

MAFS Overreactions

One of my favorite junk TV reality shows right now is "Married at First Sight." I always root for the couples to stay together and think its really interesting how difficult marriage can be whether you choose the person you marry or not.

This season is annoying the fuck out of me though. I think Heather is being a spoiled brat pretty much because she wasn't completely honest with the experts. And now Lillian has pissed me off too.

Last week's episode has her being really weird, leaving without saying goodbye, and coming back from a doctor's appointment as a total wreck. What could be wrong, to cause her to cry for hours on end and refuse to get out of bed? I'm thinking she has cancer, is infertile, something major and serious. What horrible news did her doctor give her?

She has to have shoulder surgery.

Da Fuq?

Now, I get it. Having surgery is really disappointing. It's a big bummer. And maybe I'm judging her too harshly. But really? What. The. Fuck.

Try infertility. Try multiple IVF's. Try cancer. Try miscarriage. Try anything that might impact your life in a major way. Sure, I cried when my RE told me I had to stop running or doing any kind of exercise during my treatments and potential pregnancy, but I cried for a few minutes, and I was bummed for a few days, I complained a whole lot, but I didn't spend extra time in bed! For fuck's sake. If I were told I had to have shoulder surgery now, as I'm working really hard on getting stronger and losing weight, I would be bummed, but I don't think I would cry or wallow in bed. I don't know if she is a competitive athlete, but they don't even show her exercising on the show, so really what the fuck does she have to winge on and on about?

Fucking ridiculous. Some people have no clue how lucky they are.

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