Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Trump Voter (#NotMyPresident)

I feel I need to write one more post about the election, but I'm having trouble expressing all of my feelings. I cannot keep my mouth shut when so many are being bullied and threatened. Many of my so-called friends have insulted me in the most personal ways because I can't reconcile their choices with my own most closely held beliefs, which makes me question the validity of their friendship. What are these crazy beliefs? Here are a few:

That bullying isn't right.
That women are human and do not deserve to be assaulted.
That people should not be ridiculed for being less than model-attractive, overweight, or disabled.
That veterans, soldiers and families of fallen soldiers should be honored, not disparaged.
That people who fall into any minority group deserve as much respect as anyone else.
That parents should not make lewd comments about their children.
That billionaires should pay taxes.
That we should keep jobs in the US even if moving them offshore saves us money.
That threatening journalist's lives is wrong.
That suggesting the assassination of your opponent is wrong.
That plagiarism is wrong.
That seeking the truth is good.
That climate change is real and affects all of us.

Most of these are complete no-brainers to me - if I consider you a friend, I assumed you shared these basic human rights beliefs, regardless of political affiliation. However, Trump has shat on every single one of these beliefs and those who voted for him have condoned his behavior.

I did not ask who you voted for, you shared. I know of only one person who has given me a reason that wasn't in direct conflict with my values. This is why I don't feel I can be friends with you, Trump voter. Not because you're a Republican, or a conservative, but because your moral compass is in such conflict with my own. You may not have voted for him because of these things, maybe you voted for him despite these of these terrible things he has done and said. I don't know. However, I have never hidden my beliefs, and I trusted that you were good person, one who cares about other people, our country and our planet. You have violated my trust, and there is no true friendship without trust.

I'm sure you will continue to say hateful things about me, about women, about immigrants, about minorities, about how I'm a sore loser, and can't accept anyone that disagrees with me. We can agree to disagree, that's fine. This is a free country (for now) so you get to have your beliefs, and I am still allowed to have mine. You now have the President you deserve.

I will continue to grieve the loss of human decency in my beloved country. The country that my ancestors fought for in the American Revolutionary War. The country my other ancestors immigrated to in order to find a better life. Things will settle down, I will begin to post about non-political things again. But things will never be the same between us, and that's not my fault.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today is the Day

This is a momentous day. Possibly the most important election of my life, past AND future. It is momentous just because we are THIS CLOSE to having a woman in the White House! But to counter that, we have her polar opposite running against her. A rude, loud, obnoxious bully who ridicules the disabled, preaches hate, incites violence, uses and discards women, and doesn't even have a shred of respect for this country or our democracy. This is truly a decision between love and hate, decency and deplorable, dare I say good and evil. What he embodies is not change, even though his supporters preach that constantly. He embodies everything that I associate with a dictator mixed with a schoolyard bully. When did we start to accept bullies again? He is the kid who would push down the disabled kid to steal his school money, the kid who put a mirror on his show to look up girls dresses (before he decided molesting them was better?), the kid who calls other children names.

Which brings me to my next point. There are people on Facebook who have called others immature for unfriending them because they did not share political beliefs. Not sharing political beliefs is one thing, but supporting someone this despicable without any understandable reason, That is someone I can no longer be friends with. It's not about intolerance of those who disagree with me, its about looking away when the bully attacks another child. It's about not standing up against the person who tells racist jokes, and it's about being idle when women are degraded right in front you. I cannot stand by and let that happen without saying something, and if that causes me to lose a "friend" then they're not a friend that shares my basic values, which is no loss at all in my mind.

Oh and I worked out yesterday but have been too busy to post it.

Butchered Mess of All Pro's Day 2

Pre/Intra: 1 Scoops Champion Performance Amino Shooter Edge in Blue Raspberry and 3g Creatine Monohydrate
Post: 1 scoop Champion Performance Pure Whey Plus in Coffee

Warmup - Treadmill, foam roller, stretching, frog sit, paused goblet squats, arm circles of peace, wrist and forearm stretching

Bench Press
45 x 10
55 x 10
2 x 85 x 6

Had to do bench first because someone was alternating between an Olympic Bar Curl and an elevated pushup in the squat rack :eyeroll:

Back Squat
45 x 11

55 x 8

95 x 6

95 x 6 (tried a different camera angle)

Depth suffered today because of dude curling in the squat rack and my legs had a chance to get all tight again. I really thought this curling in the squat rack was mostly a funny joke and it didn't really happen often

Standing Calf Raise
145 x 9
155 x 10

Bent Over Barbell Row
30 x 10
50 x 8
2 x 90 x 6

Overhead Press
2 x 60 x 6

Romanian Deadlift
115 x 8
125 x 5

Assisted Pullup
2 x 160 x 5

Knee felt better after a weekend rest. Doesn't bother me at all when squatting, but I have to be careful when I stand and turn, pretty much doing anything. No crazy injury or anything, but it sometimes feels loose. Wrist also feels better, but instead of a true wrist pain, it is a grip pain. Feel it sometimes when I grip something or move my fingers a specific way, such as while scratching an itch. Likely a grip overuse thing. Straps will help. Maybe I can find room in my budget for versa grips. it didn't bother me much today, I tried hard to not have a death grip on things, as well as keep my wrists straight with my forearms.

Also, more half rep hilarity. One was a woman who I KNOW trains with the owner. I love him, think he's a great guy and all, but this is why I would not pay to train with him. I really wanted to say something, but I don't think it's my business. The owner should be saying something! Grrrrrrr.

Also, my gym might close Friday for Veterans day, which means I'll have to figure out a workout maybe Saturday? Crap though, I have to work late Saturday.

KonMari Method

Friday, November 4
Calories: 2387
Carbs: 177
Fat: 98
Protein: 144
Fiber: 30
Steps: 11,787
Activity: Extra Butchered All Pro's day 1, Dog walk
Saturday, November 5
Calories: 2173
Carbs: 155
Fat: 125
Protein: 73
Fiber: 24
Steps: 11,379
Activity: Dog walk, house cleaning

Sunday, November 6
Calories: 1884
Carbs: 124
Fat: 102
Protein: 135
Fiber: 20
Steps: 15,225
Activity: Dog walk, house cleaning
Weight: 183

To look at how I've been eating, you would think that I didn't care if I lost more weight or not.

Not really related to weight loss or working out, I have been reading this book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever by Marie Kondo. Apparently she has this cult-like following. The process feels very Japanese-Spiritual - As you declutter, you select what items to keep by how you feel when you touch them, i.e. does this item spark joy in your heart? When you discard something, whether it is because it does not spark joy or is beyond it's useful life, or whatever reason, you say thank you to the item for it's service to you before discarding it. She greets her home, and thanks her shoes, coat, etc. for their service daily. It's a little kooky, but apparently all this mumbo jumbo works for some people, so I'm willing to give it a shot. I am a packrat at heart so always looking for the magic fix to declutter my home. I'll probably talk more about this in the future, as this method seems hard for me to really embrace, but I did have a great moment this morning.

I wore this shirt to the gym.

I love this shirt. Why do I love it? Because it was a PR for me, and the shirt was very flattering (when I was at a runner's weight). When I went through my drawers yesterday, I kept the shirt because I believed it sparked joy (I'm still getting the hang of this touch something to see if it sparks joy or not thing). When I set out my gym clothes last night, I grabbed this shirt. Fast forward to this morning at the gym. It's slightly too small, rides up while I'm lifting, and has a gatorade dribble stain on the front. On top of all of that, it has a permanent stink to it that doesn't come out until I'm warmed up. All the febreeze and baking soda in the world hasn't been able to clear that up. :/

So after this morning's workout, I bid this shirt goodbye and thanked it for its service, remembering the countless runs it served me, of course recording it on the internet for posterity's sake. Because a photo on the internet does not clutter my house.

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Direction

It's no secret that my blog has been a bit stagnant. Sometimes you just don't want to write, ya know?

But some of my loveliest friends told me they would love to see me write about lifting, which is doable because I do a lot of it, and I already do a log on a fitness site. So I'm going to start sharing with you more.

First things first, I try to track and share my macros and weight daily, so here's this:

Thursday, November 3
Calories: 2056
Carbs: 101
Protein: 144
Fat: 108
Fiber: 41
Steps: 11,728
Activity: Dog walk
Weight: 185

As far as personal life goes, this is my last weekend off likely until June or July. I plan on enjoying it! Plus tonight will be last post work dog walk in daylight :sniffle: Damn winter.

I also lifted this morning:

Routine: Butchered Mess of All Pro's

Pre/Intra: 1 Scoops Champion Performance Amino Shooter Edge in Blue Raspberry and 3g Creatine Monohydrate
Post: 1.5 scoops Champion Performance Pure Whey Plus in Coffee

Warmup - Treadmill, foam roller, stretching, frog sit, paused goblet squats, arm circles of peace, wrist and forearm stretching

Back Squat
45 x 8
55 x 8
85 x 8

95 x 5

Standing Calf Raise
2 x 145 x 10

Bench Press
45 x 10
55 x 8
2 x 85 x 5


Bent Over Barbell Row
30 x 8
50 x 8
80 x 6
90 x 5

Overhead Press
2 x 60 x 5

Romanian Deadlift
2 x 115 x 8

Assisted Pullup
160 x 5
160 x 4

So I'm massacring All Pros. Don't know that I want to do low reps on calves since they are strong and I'd prefer hypertrophy there. Can't really do low reps on Romanian Deadlifts yet (or increase the weight the way I should for low reps) since grip is not there yet. However, I'm totally stoked on low reps for squat bench, rows, overhead press and assisted pullups.

I have been noticing wrist pain the last couple workouts. Noticed it on bench Wednesday, and noticed it a lot today. I brought my grip in a little on bench and the pain was less there, but I still felt it a lot in my workout. I also felt some weird sensations in random joints/tendons. I think I'll finish this 2 week cycle and then do a deload leading into Thanksgiving, and then hit a new cycle and/or program right after Thanksgiving. That will coincide with my plan to maintain through the end of the year and maybe I'll see some good strength gains during the time of eating. :D

Anyway, hope whoever is actually still reading likes the new direction! Have a wonderful weekend!