Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Trump Voter (#NotMyPresident)

I feel I need to write one more post about the election, but I'm having trouble expressing all of my feelings. I cannot keep my mouth shut when so many are being bullied and threatened. Many of my so-called friends have insulted me in the most personal ways because I can't reconcile their choices with my own most closely held beliefs, which makes me question the validity of their friendship. What are these crazy beliefs? Here are a few:

That bullying isn't right.
That women are human and do not deserve to be assaulted.
That people should not be ridiculed for being less than model-attractive, overweight, or disabled.
That veterans, soldiers and families of fallen soldiers should be honored, not disparaged.
That people who fall into any minority group deserve as much respect as anyone else.
That parents should not make lewd comments about their children.
That billionaires should pay taxes.
That we should keep jobs in the US even if moving them offshore saves us money.
That threatening journalist's lives is wrong.
That suggesting the assassination of your opponent is wrong.
That plagiarism is wrong.
That seeking the truth is good.
That climate change is real and affects all of us.

Most of these are complete no-brainers to me - if I consider you a friend, I assumed you shared these basic human rights beliefs, regardless of political affiliation. However, Trump has shat on every single one of these beliefs and those who voted for him have condoned his behavior.

I did not ask who you voted for, you shared. I know of only one person who has given me a reason that wasn't in direct conflict with my values. This is why I don't feel I can be friends with you, Trump voter. Not because you're a Republican, or a conservative, but because your moral compass is in such conflict with my own. You may not have voted for him because of these things, maybe you voted for him despite these of these terrible things he has done and said. I don't know. However, I have never hidden my beliefs, and I trusted that you were good person, one who cares about other people, our country and our planet. You have violated my trust, and there is no true friendship without trust.

I'm sure you will continue to say hateful things about me, about women, about immigrants, about minorities, about how I'm a sore loser, and can't accept anyone that disagrees with me. We can agree to disagree, that's fine. This is a free country (for now) so you get to have your beliefs, and I am still allowed to have mine. You now have the President you deserve.

I will continue to grieve the loss of human decency in my beloved country. The country that my ancestors fought for in the American Revolutionary War. The country my other ancestors immigrated to in order to find a better life. Things will settle down, I will begin to post about non-political things again. But things will never be the same between us, and that's not my fault.

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