Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Goals

Sorry for my lack of posts - the holidays hit and I got carried away on a wave of work and personal, and here we are, a month later.

Anyway, I put this out into the universe today to try and win some swag. Sue me, I like free crap.
Goals for 2017:

1. Pull 200
2. Squat 150
3. Bench 120
4. Lose 20 lbs of fat.

I don't even know if those goals are too lofty, not lofty enough, or what. I think I'm too close to a 45 lb plate squat to make that a goal for the year, so I went higher. If I hit them early, then I raise them, right? But I'm not going to be focusing too much on my goals, honestly. Just going to do the work that Wade puts forth. And with my reading comprehension skills, sometimes I might be working harder or easier than he intended.

As anyone who is ever in my journal knows, I'm actively working on the first three. And as to the 4th, well.... I have yet to start really tracking calories, much less cutting. Maybe I'll get my act together sooner rather than later.

And on the theme of being a "real" powerlifter, I can't seem to get into the pre-lift stuff. The exaggerated prep, the theatrically huge breath, etc. I wonder if I need to, like am I not focusing enough? Am I not working my body into a tight rubber band pf power because I don't do these things. Would this help me? I've always been more of the quiet, "just get it done without attracting attention to myself" kind of person. I think I would feel weird. But probably no weirder than I feel asking for a spot.

Anyway, Squat day tomorrow. Wade gave me pauses. I'll try harder to post my workouts more regularly.


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