Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pull PR Day! January 27, 2017

So... I seriously underestimate myself. Remember last week when I had a goal to pull 200 this year?

Then I thought, pull 220 would be a good goal.

I just pulled 225.

Front squat

trap, raised

190x1 (facetiming with my coach, no video)

When I first tried 225, I didn't gut it out, and I knew it. Gave myself a couple minutes and then I told myself to just keep pushing even if it felt heavy. OH and I ate Reese's puffs before the gym = PR.

Out of time. I will do abs at home tonight.

So, my new goal - 500 pound total. I'm not that far away!

OH and I forgot to tell you guys, a past training buddy from my marathon days was in town and I got to see her. Haven't seen her in forever. Her sister in law was there and was asking if we were training for any races. She pulls out her phone and goes on my IG and shows it to her, "This is what she's doing now." And the SIL looked at me kinda blankly, and then said, oh he does stuff like that" (talking about my friend's husbands cousin). The cousin had already rubbed me the wrong way, and he says "I do crossfit" Inside I was laughing, "OF COURSE YOU DO!"
That being said, I don't really think less of crossfitters, but I still thought it was funny.

Another busy weekend ahead! Looking forward to a couple days of rest, and hopefully this next storm doesn't pan out to be as big as they say. We are getting hammered. Hubs and I need to get out of town, and into the warmth somewhere. We are discussing all kinds of options, considering cost, recreation, and length of drive. We would love to get to the ocean, but that's a 6-7 hour drive. Maybe wine country on the westside, (4-5 hour drive), Vegas (5 hour drive), Reno (3 hour drive). Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Awesome!! Reaching goals - or exceeding them - feels great. I think - it's been a while. Maybe you're inspiring me to set some goals.


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