Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bench Day, January 31, 2017



Wide Grip Paused

Dumbbell bench
10's x 35
2 x 20's x 25

Rear delts
3 x 12.5's x 12

Hammer curls
3 x 15's x 12

Wide grip seated cable rows

Barbell shrugs

Air bike


Reverse crunch


Felt good. Arms were worked.

I feel fluffy though. I've definitely added fat. Haven't been able to find my good tape measure so had to settle for an old one, but I'm pretty sure all my measurements are bigger than last summer, by about an inch all over. Can I be bothered to count macros? Who knows. I'm also torn between "I'll do a very small deficit to preserve my strength" and "GET THIS CRAP OFF MY BODY RIGHT NOW!"

Other random thoughts....

Wade gave me push press this week. Well, he actually gave me push press week 1 but I didn't follow instructions. Now I have to watch youtubes on how to do a push press.

Bench... how do people bench during a competition? It sounds like all benches are slightly paused, and that's all at the mercy of the judge. Ouch! Do people miss their bench attempts because a judge makes them pause longer than they can with the weight? Or do people know not to go with their high touch and go weights? I have like 10,000x more respect for competitive powerlifters now because of this knowledge.

I like squats and deads better than bench mostly because I don't need spotters.

I have to try to count to 4 for pauses because I can't actually count out 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand. Except in bench where I'm terrified the weight won't come back up.

I'm sure there is more on my mind, but I forgot to write it down and I'm old so I can't remember shit.

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