Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Deadlifts, Tuesday February 21

Brain wasn't with it, I forgot my squat shoes, and the bar felt really really heavy so after the first set, I decided to do deadlift day. Not sure why I tho Got deadlifts would be less taxing, but I think I thought collapsing during a deadlift would be safer than collapsing during a back squat. Ha!

Back squat

Front squat







depth was a little lacking, blaming my converse and being sick and tired

Trap bar deadlift, flat handle135 x 3155x1175x1
my previous flat handle was 145 but I couldn't just do 150


Completely forgot about mixed grip, when double overhand failed on rep 5 I resorted to straps rather than mixed grip. Brain fog.


Seated leg curl3x95x12

Seated calf raise3x80x15

Last time I was sick, I sat on my ass thinking if I rested, I would get better faster. This time, I pushed it to go to the gym. Today (Wednesday) was my planned rest day and last night was the start of the sickness hell. I cannot even imagine doing a squat under more than 100 pounds. Not sure how I'm going to feel in the morning, but even if I miraculously feel amazing, hubby would flip out if I got up early to go to the gym. :/ I'm kinda bummed too - this will be the third week in the row I've skipped decline bench day.

I'm feeling a bit fucked.

I'm Also stressed. We are starting a new business, and there is a LOT to do. And my little dog went in for a teeth cleaning last week, but finished with a mass biopsy from his mouth. I'm hoping to get the results tomorrow. Need positive vibes for a benign result. 

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