Monday, March 13, 2017

Another Weight Update

Friday, March 10
Calories: 2095
Carbs: 162
Fat: 72
Protein: 171
Fiber: 28
Activity: Deadlift Day
Weight: 186.5
Apple watch move calories: 852
Apple watch total calories: 2791
Apple watch exercise minutes: 123
Apple Watch stand hours: 15
Apple Watch Steps: 10,698

Saturday, March 11
Calories: 2425
Carbs: 207
Fat: 71
Protein: 178
Fiber: 43
Activity: Active work day
Weight: 186
Apple watch move calories: 649
Apple watch total calories: 2590
Apple watch exercise minutes: 58
Apple Watch stand hours: 17
Apple Watch Steps: 13,243

Sunday, March 12
Calories: 2325
Carbs: 163
Fat: 89
Protein: 209
Fiber: 15
Activity: Dog walk
Weight: 189
Apple watch move calories: 587
Apple watch total calories: 2413
Apple watch exercise minutes: 53
Apple Watch stand hours: 15
Apple Watch Steps: 11,443

So, net loss was a pound in the last week. Pretty much expected if my tracking and my Apple watch numbers are correct. I'm probably up a little in water weight after a Chinese food dinner with a client Saturday. Gotta love that sodium! Hoping I'll be down a bit more after a normal day of eating. Cutting blows.

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