Thursday, March 23, 2017

Decline Bench, March 23



Push Press
50x5 (not recorded)
80x3 - That's a PR, ugly but a PR!


Hammer Curls
3x15's x12

Close Grip Pulldowns

Barbell Shrugs

Hanging Leg Raise

Weighted Crunch

Reverse Crunch

40 Seconds

Today was a little off in recordings because Mr add all the plates and do half reps was back. Haven't seen him since about December? He was likely annoyed I was using the bench set up, so he drug another bench to the squat rack to do some sets so when I was ready for push press, I had to warm up outside of the rack with the preloaded barbells. No worries, he was happy to move to the bench when he realized I was done, but I had to drag his bench out LOL Oh well, it is what it is. I did get my Push Press PR even though it was ugly as all get out. I remembered to squeeze my butt cheeks.

I watched Wade's vlog about fear and it all makes sense logically, but implementation is harder than that. I do understand that he doesn't want me to miss per se, but I also know that I have not pushed myself to the limit yet and my impression is that he is still looking to find my limit, hence I have to miss to know I was at my limit. Does that make sense? I still think I need to intentionally miss and use the safeties to prove to myself there are worse things in life. Not prove to my logical brain, but prove to my emotional brain. The mental struggle this week is real, I am beating myself up a bit for not just doing it. Hopefully this tug of war in my head inspires me to make changes for next week's squat session. I may "miss" on the safeties tomorrow during front squat even though I will be 25 pounds under PR, just to do it. Dip my big toe into the water. Baby steps. I've always been super conservative in many areas of my life, it's hard to break out of that mindset.

If you would like to see the Vlog, here it is:

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