Friday, March 10, 2017

Diet Catch Up

Tuesday, March 7
Calories: 1923
Carbs: 100
Fat: 96
Protein: 133
Fiber: 20
Activity: Squat day
Weight: 187.5
Apple watch move calories: 845
Apple watch total calories: 2756
Apple watch exercise minutes: 112
Apple Watch stand hours: 16
Apple Watch Steps: 7726

Wednesday, March 8
Calories: 2061
Carbs: 190
Fat: 82
Protein: 118
Fiber: 32
Activity: Dog walk
Weight: 188
Apple watch move calories: 496
Apple watch total calories: 2384
Apple watch exercise minutes: 43
Apple Watch stand hours: 15
Apple Watch Steps: 9115

Thursday, March 9
Calories: 2019
Carbs: 130
Fat: 101
Protein: 128
Fiber: 50
Activity: Decline/OHP Day and dog walk
Weight: 187.5
Apple watch move calories: 968
Apple watch total calories: 2849
Apple watch exercise minutes: 147
Apple Watch stand hours: 15
Apple Watch Steps: 14,718

Last 24 hours was really trying mentally an emotionally. I'm gonna make it, I know I am, but business loan did not come through. Once again, feeling really overwhelmed between the business, knowing we have to move soon because the association manager where we live is a lying douche, and the $$$ cancer treatment for Oscar. Not even sure what to say, I have nothing I can really do other than keep on keeping on.

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