Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oh So Fluffy

So, I know the use of the word "fail" is frowned upon, but I am failing at my diet. As of this morning I was up to 190 again. :( I lost like 20 pounds last year, maybe if I lose another 20 pounds by summer I'll be more satisfied with how I look. Using the powerlifting excuse just won't cut it anymore. If I miss lifts, I miss lifts. Back to actually journaling my calories and macros. Starting today?

Okay, so I think 1900 calories (10xBW) is a good cutting goal. Might be a bit low for performance, but I really just want to lose the fluff. I mean, I'll still be fluffy after 20 pounds but not as obscenely so. Setting macros goals at 120 g protein, 50 grams fat, and 243 grams carbs. Trying to make sure I get enough protein to maintain LBM and enough carbs to fuel all the cardio I'm gonna be doing hahahahahah kidding.... kind of.

Anyway, I have all kinds of ideas on how I'm going to be more accountible... but I think just trying to stay on track alone is going to be enough for now. In the future I will start looking at additional NEAT, LISS cardio, HIIT cardio, or whatever else I can fit in, trying to get all my steps in, etc. But this is all I'm going to do for now. That and getting all four workouts in a week.

Oooh another funny from the gym. So two guys who will remain anonymous were deadlifting with the trap bar. I think they had about 70 pounds on it or so, give or take, plus the weight of the bar, which I'm pretty sure is 45. I mean I haven't weighed it, but I held a 45# plate in one hand and the bar in the other and they seemed pretty equal. So they have about 115 or so on it. They started to have a conversation about how much heavier the trap bar must be compared to a normal bar, and concluded the trap bar itself must be 70 pounds. I wish I was that strong! LOL

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