Who is Dipitie?

About me... where do I start?

I'm a rarely satisfied, ambitious and sometimes simply restless married old hag that has a lot of life left to live. Dog mom. Marathon runner. Ex-TNT Coach. Infertile. Honorary Vagina Warrior. Potty mouth. Opinionated. Can lack patience. Consider yourself warned.

I originally started this blog as a newlywed that started training for a half marathon because some friends of hers told her it would be a good idea. At the time, in addition to blogging about my running, I started blogging about life in general including career, marriage, and ultimately starting a family... which, incidentally, didn't go so well.

I then became an "infertility" blogger of sorts, blogging about what I went through in my quest for a baby, including IVF and miscarriage.

Now, I am a "childfree" blogger, at least for the moment. We are not in the position to endure any more treatment or even adoption as we are paying off the debt incurred during three rounds of IVF's and three layoffs between the two of us. But by being childfree, I am free to discuss anything and everything, which is currently focused on my furbabies, my Real Food adventure, and my dreams on homesteading.

I'm just trying to enjoy life as best I can. Who knows what the future holds? Doo dah Dipitie.