Infertility History

September 2007 - H and I get hitched after a 4.5 year courtship

April 2008 - I freak out because I realize I am turning 35 that year and toss the bcp. Let's make a baby!

June 2008 - Wait, isn't this charting stuff supposed to make getting pregnant foolproof?

July 2008 - H proceeds to tell everyone we're "trying" at brother's wedding.

September 2008 - Okay, it's been 6 cycles. But I'm in denial because nothing is wrong with us.

January 2009 - 12 cycles in. Visit RE #1. Hate him immediately. H gets laid off the next day.

February 2009 - Visit RE #2. Like her fine. Until she tells us that we have a severe morph issue (2%), and will need IVF with ICSI to have any chance at all. Start Weight Watchers.

March 2009 - H's varicocele is diagnosed, surgery recommended. Vitamins purchased.

April 2009 - SIL announces pregnancy.

May 2009 - Give up on babies, start training for a full marathon.

August 2009 - Reach Goal Weight!

October 2009 - Run said full marathon, still not pregnant. SIL gives birth.

December 2009 - Get 2nd opinion from different Urologist, get insurance approval for varicocele surgery.

January 2010 - Varicocele surgery done! Wait for BFP.

July 2010 - Still waiting for BFP. Not hopeful. Gain 10 pounds.

August 2010 - Find out about IVF clinical trial!

September 2010 - Get accepted into IVF Clinical trial! Found out that H's varicocele repair improved his morphology to a whopping 3%. Whoop de fucking do.

October 2010 - H finds a job!

November 2010 - Participate in said IVF Clinical Trial!

December 2010 - Get a BFFN from Clinical Trial. Gain 15 pounds.

January 2011 - See primary Dr, decide to cut out dairy.

February 2011 - Confirm dairy allergy, find out H's job has IVF coverage! Kick self for not signing up in October, but signed up for March 1 start. Begin Acupuncture and supplements.

March 2011 - Start working on IVF approvals.

April 2011 - H gets laid off. Get IVF approvals right after, decide to pay for COBRA and spend countless hours on the phone trying to get it all together as IVF cycle starts.

May 2011 - COBRA finally gets settled. IVF #2 occurs and results in only one fertilized egg. Made the difficult (and costly) decision to freeze and start over again with IVF 3.0. FML.

June 2011 - IVF 3.0 starts. FSH is 16, an all time high. RE recommended we wait, but know this was our last shot.

July 2011 - IVF 3.0 gives us 5 eggs, and after a rollercoaster ride where we thought we had lost them all, we ended up with two little miracles, plus our frostie (Austin Danger Powers) - transferred three! 1st beta: 116, 2nd beta: 491, 3rd beta 1126!

August 26, 2011 - No heartbeat.

August 29, 2011 - D&C

September 2011 - After wasting $1000 for two more months of COBRA, decided to move to a new town instead of doing a fourth IVF.

April 2012 - Still not pregnant, still not anything. Cycles are getting erratic.

June 2013 - No conception in sight, cycles have calmed down with a little healthy eating and weight loss. Not holding my breath, focusing on being happy without kids (other than furbabies).